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Immunity without Vaccinations?




Rosemary Manziano DVM, CAC comes from a family of veterinarians. The daughter of Clarence F. Manziano, DVM and niece of John Manziano, DVM, she is a graduate of the University of Pisa, Veterinary Medical School in Pisa, Italy (1987).  During her time in Europe, Rosemary resided in Holland assisting in the treatment of large animals. Upon returning to the United States, she completed the last two years of Veterinary School at the University of Missouri and then went on to the Animal Medical Center in New York City for additional training.


Dr. Manziano began her study of Homeopathy in the spring of 1997. Under the tutelage of Dr. Richard Pitcairn, renowned Homeopath and author of the book, “The Natural Dog and Cat”. Rosemary’s zeal to heal her patients naturally has brought her to India and South America attending courses in Homeopathy and Herbal medicine. She continues her education in Advanced Homeopathic practice today. Dr. Manziano offers Animal Chiropractic services to her patients as well as Cold Laser Therapy. Cold Laser Therapy is very helpful in reducing inflammation in Arthritic joints and spinal injuries.


Dr. Manziano suggests that her new puppy owners who want natural immunization take short, five minute visits to the most popular dog parks. Those parks with the highest dog traffic were recommended.


The procedure was simple:


  1. Open the car door.

  2. Let pup out on the ground in the busiest part of the park.

  3. Time: five minutes.

  4. Load up and go home.


Once again, after a couple of exposures like this, titers were drawn and were found high against both distemper and parvo. 


Immunization had taken place. 


How many pups got symptoms of either disease? None. Not one pup ever fell ill in years of doing this.


In case you’re wondering, “How long will this immunity last?” The answer is simple: a lifetime! 


Remember the understanding of the veterinary immunologists from way back in 1992:


I recently corresponded with Dr. Manziano again, and a couple of points have changed as her work continues:


After a brief period of sniffing around the bushes and maybe drinking the water, the pups were brought home.


This was repeated a week later, and on the third week, the good doctor would test for distemper titers, the evidence of immune response. Lo and behold, these pups had fantastic titers indicating strong immunity! And, in case you’re wondering, not one puppy ever got sick in the least. This happened in well over a hundred pups and was, as Dr. Manziano called it, “fool proof immunization.”


  • She has the puppy owners wait to start until 12 weeks of age.

  • They now have 3 weeks of exposure, once a week.

  • Titer test is on week 4.


Still, not one pup has gotten sick following this and titers have been high, indicating immunization has taken place.

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