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~Rabies Vaccines~


We are told rabies vaccinations for our pets are “required” by law, but let me

explain  the  two  basic  forms  of  law.  One  is  the  legal  Constitutional  and

Common law that this country was founded on, and the other is “colorable”

law  passed  by Administrative  agencies  and  the  bureaucrats,  who  have  been

given  the  authority  to  pass  laws.  Black’s  Law  Dictionary  5th  Edition  defines

colorable law as “That which is in appearance only, and not in reality, what

purports to be, hence counterfeit, feigned, having the appearance of truth”.

Please note that all mandatory rabies vaccination programs are colorable law,

thus  they  have  been  passed  and  mandated  upon  the  pet  owning  public  by

vested  interest  groups.  And  who  are  these  groups?  Primarily,  they  are  the

veterinarians, veterinary medical organizations and vaccine companies. Next

are  the  local  animal  control  personnel,  bureaucrats,  and  of  course,  our

politicians. And why would they mandate a law that harms our animals? The

answer  lies  in  GREED,  POWER  AND  CONTROL.  Yes,  these  large  and

powerful  interest  groups  stand  to  benefit  greatly  by  having  rabies  vaccines

mandated by colorable law.

Veterinarians receive a large percentage of both their gross income and profit

from  vaccines  given  in  their  offices.  On  average,  vaccines  that  cost  a  vet  a

mere  $1-2  per  dose  cost  his  client  $15-$25,  and  substantially  more  in  large

metropolitan   areas.   There   is   tremendous   financial   gain   to   veterinary

medicine,  vaccine  companies  and  animal  control  to  have  a  colorable  law

passed  that  requires  annual  rabies  vaccinations.  The  veterinary  medical

societies know that working with special interest groups and area politicians

will  garner  them  more  prestige  and  higher  professional  standing  in  the

community.  After  all,  the  veterinarians  are  protecting  you  from  rabies,

regardless  of  whether  it  exists  or  not.  Some  areas  of  the  country  are  more

enlightened  and  fortunate  to  have  the  rabies  vaccine  mandated  every  three

years. Shockingly, the presence of the disease or even its threat is never taken

into account in the decision to require the vaccine.

As  local  government  extends  its  control  over  animal  populations,  disease,

and  health  risks,  it  is  enriching  the  public  treasury  with  fees,  tags  and  fines.

Since  rabies  vaccines  have  been  mandated,  however,  there  has  been  no

increase  or  improvement  in  animal  control,  public  awareness,  responsibility

of   pet   owners,   or   birth   control.  And   there   has   been   no   decrease   in

euthanasia, dog or cat bites, or animal control facilities. No improvements in

the  issues  above  have  resulted  from  laws  requiring  rabies  vaccinations.  As

with all aspects of our society when a law is passed giving power and control

to  any  government  personnel  on  any  level  that  power  and  control  is  never


Special  interest  groups  and  lobbies  will  not  only  argue  creatively,  but  will

also use the media, in an effort to distort the truth and justify their prejudiced

positions.  For  example,  have  you  heard  that  more  dogs  are  biting  people,

more  pit  bulls  are  attacking  and  killing  children,  more  dogs  and  cats  are

running  loose  terrorizing  neighborhoods,  and  killing  wildlife  and  other

domestic  stock?  Such  are  the  arguments  in  favor  of  rabies  vaccinations,  yet

the only use of the vaccine should be to protect animals from the rabies virus.

All  these  justifiers  are  irrelevant  except  to  buttress  the  control  and  power

being  used  against  pet  owners.    Rabies  is  spread  by  the  bite  of  an  infected

animal. Exposure of humans to rabies in the USA is exceedingly rare, and the

number  of  rabies  infected  dog/cat  bites  is  lower  than  the  number  of  shark

attacks. This low incident rate remained stable before and after the mandatory

vaccination requirement.

My Affinity Holistic Clinic is located in Pinellas County, Florida and through

the  Freedom  of  Information  Act,  I  was  able  to  secure  information  from  the

Pinellas  Animal  Control.  Their  records  begin  in  1964  and  from  that  time

through  1978  there  were  NO  cases  of  dog  rabies  in  the  county.  Despite  the

absence of any documented threat, in 1978 the rabies vaccine was mandated

to be given annually to all dogs who were to be tagged and licensed. WHY?

Well,  it  appears  that  four  veterinarians,  specifically,  three  local  vets,  and  a

professor from the Florida State Veterinary College, along with animal control

bureaucrats  insisted  the  County  Board  of  Supervisors  pass  a  law  mandating

annual  rabies  vaccinations.  The  basis  for  such  a  law,  documented  in  the

minutes  of  the  county  meeting,  included  the  threat  of  dogs  biting  people,

dogs  running  loose,  animal  overpopulation,  and  an  increase  in  rabies  in  the

U.S. This last argument had nothing to do with dogs, but only an increase in

rabies in wildlife. There was no mention of the fact that there was absolutely

NO rabies in dogs in the county. To date, there is still NO case of dog rabies,

including the population of dogs whose owners do not vaccinate their pets.

From 1964 to 1989 there were NO cases of rabies in cats in Pinellas County.

However,  in  1989,  another  law  was  passed  mandating  rabies  vaccination,

tags,  and  licenses...  this  time  to  feline  victims.  Again  the  same  group  of

conspirators  pushed  the  Country  Supervisors  with  the  same  arguments

requiring  vaccines  to  be  set  forth.  Again  since  the  1989  law  was  put  into

effect, there have only been a few cases of feral cats contracting the disease

from  a  bat  or  other  such  rabid  animal  bite. To  restate  the  facts  given  above,

there have been NO cases of rabies in pet companion dogs or cats in Pinellas

County  either  before  or  after  laws  mandating  rabies  vaccinations.  And  the

same  statistics  hold  true  throughout  the  U.S.,  yet  annual  rabies  vaccinations

are  required  and  there  are  NO  allowances  made  for  pets  who  never  leave

their   home   or   yard,   could   never   be   exposed   to   rabies   under   any

circumstance,  or  who  are  ill  or  aged  where  the  vaccination  could  severely

compromise their health. Vaccinations are required by our local government

bureaucrats  and  there  are  NO  exceptions  to  the  rule.  Even  if  a  blood  test

could  prove  the  antibody  titer  is  high  enough  to  protect  the  animals  from  a


Please  understand  that  in  certain  areas  of  our  Country,  rabies  does  exist  in

wildlife  population  and  thus  some  dogs/cats  may  become  infected.  Rabies,

like many diseases, has been on this earth long before man and will be here

long  after  he  is  gone. The  only  way  to  eradicate  the  virus  is  to  remove  man

and  those  certain  animals  that  are  susceptible. The  disease  is  self-limiting  in

the  wild  because  it  is  fatal,  and  thus  the  spread  of  the  virus  is  extremely


Implementation of a program targeting those areas of the Country that pose a

rabies   risk   is   logical.   However,   the   indiscriminate   mandate   is   totally

unnecessary and in fact, severely compromises the health and welfare of our

animals. Pet owners, of course, would not then incur the costs of vaccination

and  thus,  the  revenue  stream  to  veterinarians  and  local  government  would

diminish.  Perhaps,  it  is  time  for  pet  owners  to  educate  themselves  as  to  the

risk  of  their  pet  contracting  rabies  versus  the  risk  of  the  vaccine  and  the

potential  damage  to  the  pet?  Remember...  we  do  have  a  Constitutionally-

secured  right  to  achieve  LIFE,  LIBERTY,  and THE  PURSUIT  OF  HAPPINESS.

And  yes,  public  health  officials  do  have  the  right  to  mandate  emergency

health  care  procedures  should  the  public  improperly  respond.  However,  no

such emergency or crisis exists and there is no need for this additional control

to be enforced upon you or your animals.


Examples of damage from rabies vaccination from my practice and my inbox include:

  • Immune mediated hemolytic anemia (50% fatality rate)

  • Epilepsy (seizures for life, with a side of drugs)

  • Cancer at the injection site (used to be called "Vaccine-associated sarcoma" but that's been laundered in recent years so the V word is gone)

  • Tumors elsewhere, or benign tumors changing to malignant ones

  • Laryngeal paralysis that often progresses to rear end paralysis

  • Degenerative myelitis

  • Chronic inflammatory bowel disease

  • Chronic allergic skin (and/or ear) disease

  • Hyperactivity, ADD

  • Hypersexuality

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Aggression, suspicion, fearfulness

These diseases can show up, like many vaccine-related diseases, a month or more after a rabies vaccination, so conventional vets often miss them as being caused by the shot.

Avoiding the Damage

You likely live with a rabies "law" over your head.

A law that doesn't recognize or honor our decades-old understanding of the immune system.

A law that damages animals unnecessarily, often for life.

I'd suggest that you will serve your animals by finding creative ways to follow the intent of the law (if that fits your risk situation) but not necessarily its letter.

Repeatedly vaccinating your already vaccinated animal, even every three years, brings far greater risk than benefit, with rare exception.

Veterinary immunologists have known for decades that immunity to viral vaccination lasts a very long time, way more than three years.

They've also known that vaccinating an already immune animal fails to add to the immunity formerly established.

And that list of common disease consequences from rabies shots is just a snippet, and none of them easy to cure.

So, here, in the land of making choices and being responsible for another's life and health, you've got to be both smart and empowered.

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